Controlling a volleyball match’s tempo, watching out for the opponent's blockers, keeping the attackers in rhythm, jumping up to block and being ready to do it all over again while also being the most involved player on the court. That’s just a regular day for any volleyball setter and these guys make it look effortless and graceful.

Let’s have a look at the top five setters from RuPay Prime Volleyball League powered by A23 Season 1.

#5 Pinamma Prashant - Chennai Blitz
(Current Team - Chennai Blitz)

Chennai Blitz put together one of the most experienced squads for the inaugural season of RuPay Prime Volleyball League, powered by A23. After 4 consecutive losses the team decided to change their tactics and offer a young setter by the name of Pinamma Prashant a chance to prove his mettle. Grabbing the opportunity, Pinamma seamlessly fit in with the squad and helped the team to win their remaining two games. The performances were so effective that the management decided to retain the services of the young setter for the upcoming season.

#4 Ranjit Singh - Bengaluru Torpedoes
(Current Team - Hyderabad Black Hawks)

The players’ player, Ranjit Singh is one of the most experienced players at RuPay Prime Volleyball League. This was testament in his ability to set and his penchant for reading the opponent. His partnership with Pankaj Sharma made them a deadly combination leading to Pankaj being among the top 5 attackers in the inaugural season. In addition to this, his experience enabled him to dig his team out of a tough spot, whether it was making a last-ditch diving save or setting one-handed extremely close to the net.

#3 Vipul Kumar - Hyderabad Black Hawks
(Current Team - Kochi Blue Spikers)

Captaining the Hyderabad Black Hawks was setter Vipul Kumar who, along with his experience, brings poise and excellent service to his hitters. He galvanized his team after an untimely injury to teammate Rohit Kumar. The captain changed his setting pattern to help create a new superstar by assisting the young Guru Prasanth. Guru ended up winning the Rising Star Of The Year award which wouldn’t have been possible without the immaculate decision-making of Vipul Kumar.

#2 Aravindhan S - Kolkata Thunderbolts
(Current Team - Mumbai Meteors)

Spoilt for options, Aravindhan S had the likes of Ashwal Rai, Vinit Kumar, Rahul K, Mohammed Riyazudeen, Anu James, Matthew August and Shameemudheen to choose from and often found the best possible option. Leading the assault on his opponents with a plethora of attacking talent at his disposal, Aravindhan played a crucial role in Kolkata Thunderbolts’ title-winning campaign.

#1 Muthusamy Appavu - Ahmedabad Defenders
(Current Team - Ahmedabad Defenders)

Captain of the runners-up of inaugural Season, Muthusamy Appavu was a sight to behold for the Ahmedabad Defenders. His ability to read the game was unparalleled and two of the top three attackers were serviced by him which is testament to the faith Muthusamy put in his teammates. The services of the captain have been retained by Ahmedabad Defenders and he will try to weave his magic and help the team go one better and win the trophy.