In the Season 2 auction of RuPay Prime Volleyball League, players were assigned a value and teams tussled to get hold of their most preferred names. The higher the price, the higher the expectations. Teams splurged on big names with massive reputations, purchasing them for jaw-dropping prices.

Here’s a look at the top five most expensive picks in the RuPay Prime Volleyball Season 2 Player Auction.

5. Karthik A (Mumbai Meteors) - ₹10 lakhs
Veteran middle blocker Karthik, who hails from Karnataka, makes the list after getting snapped up with a staggering ₹10 lakhs bid. Captaining Kochi Blue Spikers, who had a rough outing in Season 1 of RuPay Prime Volleyball League, Karthik stood out amongst his peers. He shall be taking his talents to the City of Dreams, represented by the newest team Mumbai Meteors.

4. Vipul Kumar (Kochi Blue Spikers) - ₹10.75 lakhs
Former Hyderabad Black Hawks captain Vipul Kumar will be taking his delicate touch and sensible style to Kochi in Season 2. The incredible setter from Uttar Pradesh was grabbed by Kochi Blue Spikers for a massive ₹10.75 lakhs, owing to his experience and control. He would be a perfect fit to turn their fortunes around.

3. Chirag Yadav (Calicut Heroes) - ₹12.25 lakhs
Standing tall at 195 cm & hailing from the state of Gujarat, attacker Chirag Yadav was purchased by Calicut Heroes for an astounding ₹12.25 lakhs. Yadav will play in his debut RuPay Prime Volleyball League season, and will definitely be a player to watch out for. Expectations are high from him, with Calicut Heroes looking to bank on his services in Season 2.

2. Ranjit Singh (Hyderabad Black Hawks) - ₹12.25 lakhs
Replacing their setter and captain Vipul Kumar with former Bengaluru Torpedoes star Ranjit Singh, Hyderabad Black Hawks seem to have found a like-for-like replacement. The experienced setter from Punjab was on just about every team’s watchlist, which is a testament to his skill and seniority.

1. Rohit Kumar (Kochi Blue Spikers) - ₹17.5 lakhs
Right on top of the list is Haryana attacker Rohit Kumar. Kochi Blue Spikers were delighted to get their prime target, reinforcing their squad with yet another Hyderabad Black Hawks star performer from last season. Before his season was cut short due to injury, Rohit was named the Player of the Match twice owing to a terrific start.

No wonder Kochi had to fight tooth and nail to acquire Rohit for a jaw-dropping ₹17.5 lakhs, making him the most expensive player in RuPay Prime Volleyball League history. After securing his services for Season 2, Udeesh Ullas, the Director of Kochi Blue Spikers stated, “Purchasing a player like Rohit Kumar was a part of our strategy and we were ready to go all out for him.”