Kochi, 7th March, 2023: With hundreds of fans cheering for the two teams which contested in the final of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League final- Ahmedabad Defenders and Bengaluru Torpedoes, 12 SO Bharat Athletes accompanied the players of both the teams out on the court at the Regional Sports Centre, Kochi on Sunday.

The 12 SO Bharat Athletes are probable for the World Games, which is going to take place in Berlin from 17th-25th June, 2023. SO Bharat will be represented by 202 Athletes to participate in 16 sports.

Lauding the RuPay Prime Volleyball League for giving an opportunity to the athletes to accompany the players on a global platform, Dr DG Choudhary, General Secretary, SO Bharat said, “I would like to thank the RuPay Prime Volleyball league for giving an opportunity to the Special Olympics Bharat Athletes to escort the players during the electrifying final in Kochi on Sunday.”

“The special athletes who accompanied the players on the field were the probable who will be competing at the Special Olympics World Summer Games that would take place in Berlin in June 2023. Over 200 athletes from India will be joining the over 7,000 athletes competing from all over the world. The special athletes came on Sunday, to cheer the prime volleyballers, also leveraging this massive opportunity to call out to the society to be aware that there is sporting talent everywhere, and to accept, respect and celebrate differences,” he added.