Sometimes we find ourselves experiencing situations wherein we are left jaw-dropped and wide-eyed with our hearts racing fast. This was true for volleyball fans who witnessed these moments on a regular basis during the inaugural season of RuPay Prime Volleyball League.

From seemingly impossible victories to displays of unmatched excellence, let’s have a look at the top moments that defined the campaign.

#5 Inauguration - Hyderabad Black Hawks vs Kochi Blue Spikers This is when it all began. Graced by Indian badminton legend PV Sindhu along with her father and former volleyball player PV Ramana, on 5th February 2022, at the Gachibowli stadium in Hyderabad. The very first ball was rolled on the special day as the team from the host city began the season with a jubilant win.

#4 Rahul K’s hat-trick of aces - Chennai Blitz vs Kolkata Thunderbolts Rahul K is widely recognized as one of the best servers from the inaugural season and it’s not for nothing. On 11th February against Chennai Blitz, Rahul K took to the end line to stun the opponents and spectators alike.

With Kolkata leading 2-3, Rahul blasted a serve which couldn’t be controlled by Chennai. 2-4 to Kolkata. Another serve which flew off in the stands gave Kolkata a three-point lead. Top it up with another ace for good measure and Rahul K bagged himself a hat-trick of service aces.

#3 Bengaluru’s comeback - Bengaluru Torpedoes vs Kochi Blue Spikers Few things excite sports fans more than a down-to-the-wire comeback, and the match between Bengaluru Torpedoes and Kolkata Thunderbolts brought just that. Still not over the emotional rollercoaster which was the previous match between Calicut and Kolkata, volleyball fans were treated to yet another spectacle as the Torpedoes downed Kochi Blue Spikers on 8th February.

Kochi did well to bounce back from their previous loss and comfortably bagged the first two sets. The Torpedoes were down, but not out as they showed tremendous heart to equalize the set score 2-2. Both sides went blow for blow in the final set of the match and with the score tied at 14-14, the tension was almost palpable. Up rose Bengaluru’s Ganesha K and when the clock struck midnight, it was Bengaluru Torpedoes who stood victorious in what was one of the most memorable games of the season.

#2 Anand K’s bicycle kick save - Kolkata Thunderbolts vs Hyderabad Black Hawks It’s Match 12 and we’re almost halfway through the second set. The ball is served, returned and set to Rahul K, who promptly senses two blockers in front of him and chooses to wipe the ball off their hands. The ball flies to a seemingly unreachable area and it looks like Kolkata have secured the point.

In comes Anand K. With a brilliant display of acrobatics, athleticism and reflexes, he leaps off the floor and with a move only seen in football, bicycle kicks the ball to keep it in the air. Hyderabad eventually lost the point, but this moment surely engraved itself in the minds of all volleyball fans.

#1 Kolkata win it all - Ahmedabad Defenders vs Kolkata Thunderbolts The most anticipated match of the inaugural season of RuPay Prime Volleyball League, powered by A23; the final. Held on 27 February at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, it was Ahmedabad Defenders against Kolkata Thunderbolts for the ultimate prize.

Heading into the final, Ahmedabad had lost only one game while Kolkata had the biggest point difference. The team from Gujarat were favourites to win according to many, having already secured a win over Kolkata earlier. But the Thunderbolts came out all guns blazing and blew them out of the water by winning three sets straight. They registered a statement victory and lifted the very first Prime Volleyball League trophy.