Bengaluru Torpedoes record their third victory on the trot when they got the better of Kochi Blue Spikers 3-2 (15-14, 15-11, 7-15, 15-12, 14-15) in Match 15 of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2.

Interestingly enough, it was the Kochi Blue Spikers who accumulated more points from the game, but thanks to unforced errors, Bengaluru managed to come out on top. Be that as it may, a win is a win no matter how or by how many.

Bengaluru Torpedoes’ attacking intent was made evident early in the first set itself when Ibin Jose and Sethu TR took the score from 9-12 up to 13-12 thanks to the former’s Super Point and the latter’s Super Serve.

Bengaluru did fumble during the third and the fifth sets, but by the time the contest went to the final round, the game was already won.

Bengaluru gaining momentum

After having lost two consecutive matches early in the season, Bengaluru Torpedoes have turned the tide winning each of their last three games. This includes a 4-1 win over Mumbai Meteors, a 3-2 win over Chennai Blitz and the recent 3-2 win against Kochi Blue Spikers. It’s safe to say that after a rather rocky start, Bengaluru have made a stunning comeback in the competition.

Where would Bengaluru be without Tsvetelin Tsvetanov?

If there’s one thing that is common during each of Bengaluru’s three wins this season, it is Tsvetelin Tsvetanov’s top-notch performance. The 25-year-old lanky outside hitter has tallied 52 points so far in the season and is only behind Guru Prasanth in the overall standings. It must be noted that while Ibin Jose has grabbed all the limelight this season, Tsvetanov’s outings have mostly gone under the radar.

Times are tough for Kochi Blue Spikers

Kochi Blue Spikers are the only team who are yet to win a game this season. Led by Vipul Kumar, the team started off with a 2-3 defeat at the hands of Chennai Blitz followed by a 4-1 loss against Kolkata Thunderbolts, a 2-3 beating against Hyderabad Black Hawks before going down 2-3 against Bengaluru. It’s safe to say that it’s going to take more than a lot for Kochi to bounce back from here.