Ahmedabad Defenders registered their second win of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2, this time beating Mumbai Meteors 4-1 (14-15, 15-12, 15-14, 15-13, 15-14).

After having lost the opening set in what was a rather neck-to-neck contest, Ahmedabad, riding on Angamuthu Ramaswamy’s blistering form, went on to win the remaining sets to strengthen their position on the points table.

The opening set was, in fact, the closest battle the two teams fought, to say the least. Mumbai, who opened the scoring through Brandon Greenway’s strike, relied mostly on their attacking prowess.

As the game progressed, however, the defence stumbled to cope with Ahmedabad’s growing momentum.

Having said that, let’s take a look at three talking points from Ahmedabad Defenders’ impressive win over Mumbai Meteors.

Attack, Attack, Attack

Ahmedabad Defenders did lose the opening set, but their intent of approaching the game with an attacking scheme was made evident from the first round itself. As it turns out, the team, led by Muthusamy Appavu, tallied 42 points from attack alone and did not rely much on Mumbai’s errors.

Angamuthu Ramaswamy’s one-man show

Ahmedabad Defenders’ win over Mumbai Meteors was all about the sheer brilliance of Angamuthu Ramaswamy. The 28-year-old tallied an impressive 22 points from the game and was absolutely true to his universal position as he played his due part in attack and defence as well. His tally of 22 points was considerably more than all the players involved in the game.

Did Mumbai lack team chemistry?

Mumbai Meteors gave Ahmedabad Defenders a true fight. Now, the result did go against them but one can understand how close the battle was judging by the close margins. What really went against them, however, was their chemistry. The combination play that Ahmedabad displayed wasn’t matched by Mumbai and that, in fact, was one of the reasons why they failed to match the margins.