It’s safe to say that the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2 duly lived up to its billing. Such was the dominance of the attackers throughout the campaign that as many as three players scored more than 90 attack points.

In the end, it was all about the statistics and the efficiency with which the big names delivered. Since we are on the subject, let’s take a detailed look at those who stood up for their respective teams this season.


1. Guru Prasanth, Hyderabad Black Hawks

Hyderabad Black Hawks captain Guru Prasanth, who bagged multiple individual awards this season, was in a league of his own. The 22-year-old finished with 102 attack points and was, in fact, the only player to cross the triple-digit mark. The figure is extremely compelling mostly because of the fact that his team did not make it beyond the league stage.

This means the Hyderabad skipper, who played only seven games, was averaging an impressive 14.57 attack points this season.


2. Angamuthu Ramaswamy, Ahmedabad Defenders

Angamuthu Ramaswamy was crucial to Ahmedabad Defenders’ title triumph this season. The 28-year-old universal, who was named the RuPay Player of the Match in each of his last two contests, tallied 98 attack points in nine games. This meant that he was averaging a little more than 10 points per game in the attack department.

With an efficiency of 46.67 in attack, Ramaswamy also made sure he stayed true to his position as his overall points tally was 111; nine of which came via blocking and four from services.


3. Vinith Jerome, Calicut Heroes

Calicut Heroes’ Vinith Jerome was so minacious that he accrued a whopping 20 attack points each in two of his last three matches - against Bengaluru Torpedoes and Kochi Blue Spikers. 

Although the 30-year-old made a slow start to his new campaign, tallying points in single-digit in each of his first four matches - 30 points in all - he upped the ante to an extent that he ended up scoring 64 points in his last four outings to take his figure to 94 attack points.


4. Vinit Kumar, Kolkata Thunderbolts

Like his team Kolkata Thunderbolts, Vinit Kumar was either a total menace to his opponents or was extremely silent throughout the match. This can be understood by the fact that he could only score four points in the semi-final against Bengaluru Torpedoes.

Despite that, he managed to outscore everyone from his team to finish with a figure of 80 attack points. His most notable outings came in the league stage against Bengaluru (13), Hyderabad (14), Mumbai (12) and Chennai (13).


5. Pankaj Sharma, Bengaluru Torpedoes

If there was an award for the best captain of the tournament, Bengaluru Torpedoes’ skipper Pankaj Sharma would have been the absolute favourite. The 29-year-old showed grit and determination, especially towards the end, and that was of extreme importance for Bengaluru.

At a personal level, he ended up scoring 66 attack points thanks to a brilliant showing in the semi-final and the ultimate showdown where he scored 11 and 10 points respectively.