A season where the likes of Guru Prasanth and Angamuthu Ramaswamy stole the show with their fierce spikes, the blockers played an equally important role in helping the teams win the games.

Being the first line of defence, a blocker is positioned at the net and attempts to block an opposing team's attack at the net.

Here’s a look the top 5 blockers from the second season of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23:

1. Jose Antonio Sandoval, Calicut Heroes
Clinching the Blocker of the Season award with 22 block points, the Cuban national had a remarkable season, contributing a total of 78 points to his team. Sandoval was a force to be reckoned with, averaging nearly three blocks per game with an impressive success rate of 29.33%.

2. Ashwal Rai, Kolkata Thunderbolts
A name that never gets excluded in the best blockers list, the 6’6” tall Ashwal Rai had a great outing in the second season registering 20 block points. The Kolkata Thunderbolts captain and middle-blocker had a high success rate of 38.46% and scored six block points against Mumbai Meteors, his best in a single game this season.

3. Shameemudheen A, Mumbai Meteors
Despite a disappointing campaign with only two victories in seven games, Mumbai Meteors blocker Shameemudheen made the most of the season. The 27-year-old ended the season with 20 block points averaging 2.86 block points per game. He managed 5 blocks in the game against Hyderabad Black Hawks minimising Guru Prasanth’s attacking threat.

4. LM Manoj, Ahmedabad Defenders
Leading the defence line from the front in Ahmedabad Defenders’ title winning season, LM Manoj was the star man registering 18 blocks. The mountain man averaged two blocks per game at a success rate of 29.03%.

5. Karthik Madhu, Mumbai Meteors
The second Mumbai Meteors player to feature in this list, Karthik Madhu had 18 block points to his name compared to 13 in Season 1 and ended this edition scoring a total of 46 points.