When you're a sports team from Mumbai, expectations run high. In the City of Dreams, sports has a special place, and their latest entrant, Mumbai Meteors faced the challenge of living up to Maximum City's sporting legacy.

Mumbai has a history of successful sports teams in different sports which include cricket, kabaddi, football, and others. Most of the teams based out of Mumbai have already left their mark of excellence in their respective leagues.

In their first season in the RuPay Prime Volleyball League , Mumbai Meteors felt the weight of these expectations. Coached by Sunny Joseph, the winning coach from season 1, and led by former Indian captain Karthik A., the Meteors finished 6th in their debut season, winning just two out of their seven games.

Their journey began with a 4-1 loss to Calicut Heroes. However, they came back in style with a resounding win over Chennai Blitz. In a 5-0 washout, Mumbai Meteors took home an extra bonus point as well. The team tried to ride on the victory over the Blitz however, three consecutive losses followed.

Their second win, a convincing 4-1 triumph against the Hyderabad Black Hawks, gave them a slim hope of reaching the semi-finals. To secure a spot, they needed a 5-0 win in their final league match. Unfortunately, they fell short with a 4-1 loss to the Kochi Blue Spikers.

Despite the challenges, a few standout players shone brightly. Blocker Shameemudheen A. emerged as a star for the Meteors, racking up a total of 54 points in the season. The 6’3” player was ranked among the top three blockers of the season, boasting 20 blocks to his name - just two behind league leader Jose Antonio Sandoval.

Additionally, Mumbai Meteors’ captain Karthik A. left his all on the court, contributing 46 points throughout the season.

While Mumbai Meteors fell short in their aspirations in their debut season, they are well aware that they are part of a city that has nurtured champions. They carry the weight of expectations with honor and are determined to script their own success story. As they gear up for the upcoming season, one thing is certain - they are ready to start afresh with new vigor.