Calicut Heroes’ ‘Never Say Die’ attitude shone as bright as a diamond as they outclassed newcomers Mumbai Meteors with a 4-1 win (10-15, 15-9, 15-8, 15-14, 15-11) in match two of RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2.

The Meteors made the initial breakthrough with a 15-10 win in the first set. Captain Karthik A, Brandon Greenway, Hiroshi Centelles and Shameem A contributed key blocks and spikes to indicate the potential within the Mumbai Meteors’ unit.

However, the game started to slip away from Sunny Joseph’s side as Calicut stormed back to win the next four sets.

The fourth set was the highlight of the match, as it went down to the wire. Trailing 10-12, Mumbai staged a comeback to take the scoreline to 14-14. A flurry of exchanges ended with Mohan Ukkrapandian tipping the ball over the net inside the Meteors half and winning the set 15-14 for Calicut Heroes.

Take a look back at the top three moments from match two of RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2.

Hiroshi Centelles stands out in the first set

Mumbai Meteors opened their account in the contest with a block point thanks to Hiroshi Centelles. The outside hitter from Cuba won four points (two blocks, one service, one spike) in the opening set and was instrumental in setting up a wall for Mumbai to fend off Calicut’s early strikes.

Jerome’s Super Serve disrupts Mumbai Meteors’ momentum

After bagging the first set, the Mumbai Meteors began the second set positively with a 4-3 lead.

Taking up the ball for service, Jerome Vinith went in for a Super Serve that breezed past three Meteors players. This decisive moment turned the scoreline to 5-4 in Calicut’s favour, and from there, it was the Heroes’ game.

Mohan Ukkrapandian’s ambitious tip shot clinches victory for Calicut

The fourth set saw Mumbai display a brief resurgence, bouncing back from 10-12 to 14-14.

With tensions building on both sides, Hiroshi served into the Calicut half. After a few rapid exchanges Mohan Ukkrapandian leapt high to tip the ball into the opposition half, thus winning the set (15-14) and match (3-1).