Bengaluru Torpedoes’ Ibin Jose was named the RuPay Player of the Match for his exhilarating display during his side’s 3-2 (15-11, 8-15, 15-10, 15-13, 10-15) win over Chennai Blitz in Match 12 of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2.

Ibin, 25, ended the game with 12 points in his tally, which was the most by any player involved in the fixture. Interestingly enough, nine of his 12 points came from his attacking prowess while two came from the launch. The remaining point was earned from a block.

Chennai Blitz actually put up a great fight against Bengaluru. In fact, a certain Renato Mendes started testing Bengaluru’s resilience, but as Ibin began combining with Tsvetelin Tsvetanov, the team from Tamil Nadu faltered.

To say Ibin’s night was far from perfect would be a sheer understatement. The 25-year-old, despite scoring the most individual points across two teams, made six errors in the attack, as many while blocking and two during service.

Bengaluru Torpedoes’ universal, Ibin was duly backed by Tsvetanov throughout the game as the Bulgarian ended the game as the third-highest scorer (nine points).

It must be pointed out that although Bengaluru came out on top, it is going to take a lot for them to challenge the heavyweights of the competition. This is mostly because while they do have their strengths, their opponents seem to have figured out the way to exploit their weaknesses.