RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2 witnessed plenty of breathtaking offensive moves. And the setters, who are referred to as the game's architects, have been responsible for creating and orchestrating those offensive moves. Their role is extremely crucial to a team, as their skills and strategies turn out to be the game-changers at important junctures of a match.

Let’s have a look at the top setters from RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 Season 2.

#5 Vyshak Renjith - Bengaluru Torpedoes
The new entrant impressed during his debut season in the league with Bengaluru Torpedoes. Filling in the shoes of the former skipper and star setter Ranjith Singh was a daunting task but Vyshak lived up to the expectations and carried his team to the Final. Setting up a total of 59 attacks successfully, the 24-year-old averaged 6.56 successful sets per match.

#4 Aravindhan S - Kolkata Thunderbolts
Previously the main setter for Kolkata Thunderbolts, Aravindhan made the move to Mumbai for the 2023 season. Having one of the best success rates at 20.32% Aravindhan was as clinical as they come. With a masterclass against Chennai Blitz where he made an astonishing 19 successful sets from 50 attempts, Aravindhan was a force to be reckoned with.

#3 Janshad U - Kolkata Thunderbolts
Janshad U was retained by Kolkata Thunderbolts for the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 2023 season. His ability to deceive the opponent's defence through tricky sets added an element of surprise to the explosive Kolkata side. Aided by the tremendous connection between him and his teammates, Janshad’s best performance came against Mumbai Meteors where he successfully set up 18 attacks. He also averaged a 17.75% success rate throughout the season.

#2 Muthusamy Appavu - Ahmedabad Defenders
Muthusamy Appavu, or as the Damdaars would like to call him, Mastermind Muthusamy is one of the finest setters in the country. He led his team to the coveted RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23 trophy in the 2023 season which eluded them the first time around. His agility and quickness allowed him to reach the ball in even the most challenging situations. Muthusamy’s 543 total sets was the highest of any setter during the 2023 season. Out of those, 87 attempts turned out to be successful.

#1 Mohan Ukkrapandian - Calicut Heroes
One of the most decorated players in Indian Volleyball history, the 37-year-old “Ukkra'' brought heaps of experience and finesse when he made the move from Chennai to Calicut for the 2023 season. Topping the charts in most categories, Mohan displayed his mastery and control of the ball time and again. Setting up a mammoth 92 attacks, Ukkra averaged 11.50 successful sets a game. With a 20.96% success rate, Ukkra’s exceptional court vision enabled his team to exploit even the smallest gaps in the opponent's defence which created opportunities for the Calicut hitters to shine. His analysis of the game's dynamics and prediction of the movements of both his teammates and the opposing blockers maximised the team's offensive potential as evident in the masterclass against defending champions Kolkata Thunderbolts where he set up a season record of 20 successful attacks.