Watching a setter is beautiful and attacking is ruthless, nothing quite matches the satisfaction of watching a libero dive under a lost ball to keep his team’s hopes alive. The last line of defence, with reflexes and determination on their sleeves, personifying volleyball’s “don’t let the ball drop” aspect, liberos shoulder all the defensive responsibilities of the team.

Let’s have a look at the top five liberos from RuPay Prime Volleyball League Season 1.

#5 Anand K - Hyderabad Black Hawks Youngest on the list at 19 years of age, Hyderabad Black Hawks’ Anand K concluded the season with a 68.3% dig success rate. Digging 28 balls, he mesmerized everyone throughout the campaign.

Anand produced one of the most memorable moments from the inaugural season by saving a seemingly lost ball with an insane display of acrobatics and commitment against Kolkata Thunderbolts.

Anand K Acrobatic Save | Kolkata Thunderbolts vs Hyderabad Black Hawks | Prime Volley

#4 Hari Prasad - Kolkata Thunderbolts Saving the league winners time and time again, Hari Prasad B S was instrumental in Kolkata Thunderbolts' success. Saving 32 balls with an astonishing 72.7% dig success rate, he was the backbone of his team throughout the season.

#3 Prabakaran P - Ahmedabad Defenders Personifying his team name, Prabakaran P was the pivotal figure in the heart of the Ahmedabad Defenders’ lineup. Finishing the season with 34 digs he was a necessary piton for an attack-heavy team like Ahmedabad.

#2 R Ramanathan - Calicut Heroes Loud and sharp on the court R Ramanathan showcased his cat-like reflexes picking up 39 digs for the Calicut Heroes. With a dig success rate of 73.6% – the best among liberos with 20+ digs, areas around him became a complete no-zone for hitters.

#1 B Midhun Kumar - Bengaluru Torpedoes The ultimate defender, B Midhun Kumar’s performances could only be described in one word – ‘No-nonsense.’ With clean, clear and crisp passing, his reflexes, footwork and commitment were second to none. Midhun Kumar was the only libero in the league to make 40 digs with a success rate of 66.7%.