Accomplished athletes often look for a change in pace and atmosphere to push themselves to new heights and the plethora of international players in the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Season 1 was no different. Bringing to the league a huge reputation, their unique styles of playing and buckets of high-level experience, they lived up to the expectations of volleyball players and fans alike.

Let’s have a look at the top international players from the inaugural season.

#5 David Lee - Calicut Heroes Two-time Olympic medalist for the USA, David Lee was one of the most experienced players in the inaugural season. He managed to rack up 26 points at a 49.1% success rate despite suffering an injury. He was also one of the strongest blockers amongst the international players with nine blocks to his name.

#4 Bruno Da Silva - Chennai Blitz Bruno Da Silva was one of Chennai’s go-to options as he displayed phenomenal speed and power scoring 38 points and four blocks in the process. The Brazilian was also their best server scoring five service points including a super serve.

#3 Matthew August - Kolkata Thunderbolts Rising up to meet and stop the final attack in the finals, to win the trophy for his team, American blocker Matthew August played a crucial role in the Thunderbolts’ campaign. Scoring 40 points throughout the season and blocking nine attacks with a 54.1% success rate, opponents had to watch out for him no matter which side of the net the ball was on.

#2 Fernando Gonzalez - Chennai Blitz The second Chennai Blitz player to make it onto this list, Fernando Gonzalez's aggressive playing style was on full display as he broke through blocks scoring 42 points at a 51.2% success rate and also scored four service points including two super serves. The Venezuelan also contributed to defending the court with 13 digs at a 65% success rate.

#1 Cody Caldwell - Kochi Blue Spikers The apotheosis of versatility, filled with relentless determination, Cody Caldwell was a saviour for Kochi Blue Spikers time and again. Making himself known on every part of the court, Cody Caldwell amassed 45 points – a record amongst international players, while also successfully blocking six attacks at a 48.1% block success rate. The American also refused to let the ball drop on his side of the net, successfully digging 30 balls at an astounding 78.9% success rate.