The strongest and fastest bunch on the court, tasked with reaching great heights and smashing the ball to the ground, attackers can define the result with one giant leap. Inspiring their teammates and swearing to blast through every defensive wall, they have only one motto: EVERY BALL SHALL BE SPIKED!

Let’s have a look at the top attackers from RuPay Prime Volleyball League Season 1.

#5 Pankaj Sharma - Bengaluru Torpedoes A 28-year-old attacker from Himachal Pradesh, Pankaj Sharma played a crucial role for Bengaluru Torpedoes. Pankaj spearheaded Bengaluru’s attack with a 46% attack success rate and came up clutch in some crucial moments with his intelligent spiking to finish with a total of 75 points.

#4 Jerome Vinith - Calicut Heroes In a team full of star power, Jerome Vinith shined the brightest. The Calicut Heroes captain had an incredible 77 points to his name and displayed brilliant aerial prowess and power throughout the season. With a 45.3% attack success rate and a barging serve, Jerome was truly a nightmare for the opposition to deal with.

#3 Shon T John - Ahmedabad Defenders Complimenting his Ahmedabad counterpart extremely well, Shon T John is every setter’s dream. Versatile and quick, Shon ended the season with 77 points and a 47.8% attack success rate. The fearsome attacker held his own and as he paired up with the likes of Angamuthu and Muthusamy, Ahmedabad Defenders were downright unstoppable.

#2 Vinit Kumar - Kolkata Thunderbolts It would be unfair to describe Vinit Kumar’s season with only a couple of superlatives. One of only two players to have crossed the 80-point mark, the 31-year-old stacked up a massive 82-point total across the season. Interestingly, 12 of those points came in the finals as Kolkata Thunderbolts went on to win the title.

Extremely efficient in the air with a 52.9% attack success rate, once Vinit took off, there was no stopping him. It is no surprise that Vinit Kumar also took the mantle of BYJU’s MVP of the Season.

#1 Angamuthu - Ahmedabad Defenders The apex of attacking prowess, standing in at a height of more than two meters, Angamuthu had a stellar season for Ahmedabad Defenders. With a whopping 83-point total and a 44.4% attack success rate, he was their go-to option when in a pinch. A splendid mix of speed, power and versatility, Angamuthu raised the bar for attackers in the league.