In the electrifying realm of volleyball, where dreams often meet reality at the net, one name stands out - Erin Varghese. A dazzling attacker for the Kochi Blue Spikers in the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23, Erin's journey from a grassroots enthusiast to a professional player is one to look out for.

A Dream Turned Reality:

For most, volleyball remains a recreational sport, but for 24-year-old Erin Varghese, it's about realising a dream. Employed with the Kerala Police, Erin had the remarkable opportunity to perform in front of his fervent home crowd during the second season of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23. He grew up in a family where volleyball ran deep in their genes. His father, uncle, and elder brother all shared the same passion for the sport. Quite evidently, Erin's destiny was interwoven with the sport.

Beyond the Numbers:

Erin's towering height of 193 cm is matched only by his soaring spirit. The Kochi Blue Spikers superstar hails from a middle-class family. His father is a retired employee of a private company while his mother is a homemaker. Yet, Erin's path hasn't been without challenges. He faced a lack of modern training facilities, a hurdle that only fuelled his determination to succeed.

Emerging from the Shadows:

Erin's tryst with volleyball began in seventh grade when he ventured onto a ground near a local church. His passion quickly evolved into a professional pursuit as he moved to a sports hostel, honing his skills while progressing through college. In a state where volleyball is more than just a sport, Erin praised Kerala's robust volleyball system that provided him the platform to step into the professional arena. Kerala’s huge investment in volleyball, that includes conducting several tournaments, and massive fan support make it an ideal place to garner crucial match experience.

Inspiration and Achievements:

In the world of sports, icons inspire, and for Erin, the legendary Giba, a volleyball icon and three-time Olympic gold medallist, holds that honour. The Brazilian volleyball player’s dynamic playing style and impressive achievements as an attacker has inspired Erin.

Erin's breakthrough achievements are nothing to scoff at, as he has captained Kerala in the 21st Youth National Volleyball Championship, leading Rajasthan to a Gold Medal in 2019. Later that year, he was also a part of the Gold Medal-winning squad of Kerala in the 32nd Federation Cup Volleyball Championship, Punjab.

Season 1: A Glimpse of Brilliance:

During the inaugural season of the league, Erin was selected to represent the Kochi Blue Spikers. In a season where the team did not have its best outing, Erin Varghese showcased his attacking prowess, picking up 55 attack points across the season. He also managed to contribute to the floor defence of the team and made 15 defensive digs. He ended up being the best performer for the franchise from Kerala as the season ended.

Season 2: Consistent Sharpshooter:

Retained by the Kochi Blue Spikers for Season 2, Erin continued to reign as an electric spiker, cementing his status as the team's cornerstone. With 43 attack points at an impressive 44.33% efficiency, Erin's offensive zeal and precision was awe-inspiring. His versatility shone through with an impressive serve, earning him six more points. Erin's five block points and an overall tally of 54 points established him as Kochi's standout player for the second season in a row.

Looking Ahead:

Erin Varghese's journey from a young enthusiast to a seasoned professional symbolises the triumph of passion and a steadfast resolve to elevate his game. He has been selected for the Asian Games 2023 National Camp and is ready to don India’s colours to face off against Asia’s best later this year. As his career continues to sparkle on the court, Erin's story reminds us that the pursuit of a dream knows no bounds and that every spike carries the weight of unwavering commitment.