Chennai, March 3rd, 2024: Delhi Toofans on Sunday picked up a dominant 15-9, 16-14, 17-15 win over the Kolkata Thunderbolts in the third season of the RuPay Prime Volleyball League powered by A23 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. Santhosh was named the Player of the Match.

Saqlain remained the beating heart of Delhi tactics, as the setter spread his passes to Amal and Santhosh to get Delhi's offence going from both ends. When facing a threat from Ashwal Rai and Vinit Kumar, Saqlain went to his trusted middle Danial Aponza. But Vinit's incessant swings kept Kolkata on Delhi's tail till Lazar Dodic's spikes helped the Toofans take the early lead.

Anu James' statement-making spike and the following super serve showed Delhi's attacking options. But Vinit's towering presence did not allow Delhi defenders any respite. Arjun Nath-led two-man block provided Kolkata venom in the defence. Amit's involvement in attacks gave Kolkata more options, but Aayush's monstrous block helped Delhi in putting a halt and the Toofans took control.

Relentless Santhosh kept attacking for Delhi but super serves from Deepak Kumar and Amit gave Kolkata a shot in the arm, reigniting hopes of a comeback. Ashwal Rai's spikes from the middle helped the Thunderbolts push ahead. But Delhi's gamble to call for super point paid off as Dodic's magic touch earned his side two points and the Toofans won the game in straight sets.