Chennai, March 11th, 2024: Calicut Heroes started the Super 5s stage of the third season RuPay Prime Volleyball League powered by A23 with a comeback 13-15, 15-9, 15-7, 15-12 win over the Mumbai Meteors at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai, on Monday. Danial Moatazedi was named the Player of the Match.

Shameem put a block on Perotto, but could not counter Jerome's fiery spike. Calicut's defence was on spot with Danial Moatazedi reading Amit Gulia well. But Shameem, too, was in superb form on the night, shackling Chirag Yadav, and the game hung in balance. Saurabh Maan added more tenacity to Mumbai's defence, as the Meteors contained Jerome's threat, and took an early lead.

Danial rejuvenated Calicut's attacks with fiery showing, and soon Calicut had the momentum going their way. Perotto's thunderous serve rocked Mumbai's defence. Amit's spike helped the Meteors to a super point, but unforced errors did not help their side. Perotto kept Calicut on track for a comeback with attacking display and Calicut began running away with the game.

Vikas Maan's inclusion further aided Calicut as he controlled the defence to increase issues for Mumbai's attackers. Shubham's insipid form on the night did not help Mumbai's cause and soon Calicut gained complete control. Jerome came to life at the right time as he earned a crucial super point to lead his side to an important win.