In the world of volleyball, aerial dominance is a defining factor of a player's prowess. And Angamuthu Ramaswamy has been the one who has showcased exceptional abilities. He soared high above the net to impose his control over the proceedings impressing spectators and disarraying opponents in RuPay Prime Volleyball League Powered by A23.

The Height Advantage:

Angamuthu is one of the tallest players in the league which enables him to dominate at the net. His towering presence poses a challenge for opponents who attempts to execute powerful spikes or defensive blocks. He stands at 205 cm (6’7” ft), with a reach of 335 cm while blocking, and an impressive 345 cm while spiking. Quite evidently the opponents’ attacks get shut down by him effortlessly.

Dazzling Blocks and Deflections:

With his towering reach and impeccable timing, Angamuthu proves to be a formidable wall at the net. Registering 9 block points at a 42.68% success rate in Season 2, he has executed stunning blocks and deflections, sending the ball back with authority to the other side.

Spectacular Spikes:

Angamuthu's aerial supremacy is showcased in his ability to land devastating spikes. His explosive jumping power generates immense force behind the attacks. In Season 1, he secured the top spot with a total of 83 points at a 44.4% attack success rate. During Season 2, with a further improved performance, he has managed to register 111 points across 9 games, 98 of which are attack points, finding gaps in opponents' defense with precision.

Dynamic Defensive Presence:

Aerial dominance extends to defensive capabilities as Angamuthu influences the game at the net, His towering presence forces the opponents to alter their strategies. He also excels on the floor. Having registered 30 digs at a success rate of 62.5%, Angamuthu’s versatility makes him a perfect Universal player.

Game-Changing Moments:

Angamuthu has a knack of thriving during critical moments, and his performance against Mumbai Meteors (22 points) in the last season is testament to that. His capabilities to seize the right moment makes him a proper game-changer. And that has become evident in his performances in the Semi-Final (13 points) and Final (16 points) of Season 2, earning Player of the Match awards.

Plaudits and Horizon:

Angamuthu's exceptional skill and ability to control the game have earned him admiration and respect from fellow players. Selected for the Asian Games 2023 National Camp, he is ready to take on the challenge of donning the India colours where he is set to face the top teams from the continent.